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Megan Jack

Head of People and Culture

Our Head of People and Culture, with extensive experience in operational leadership and human resources management, orchestrates transformative initiatives to cultivate talent, foster a positive work environment, and ensure sustainable growth, positioning our company for long-term success.


Our Head of People and Culture, Megan, brings extensive experience in operational leadership and human resources management. Having served as Head of Operations and People, Megan drove efficiency and compliance through strategic initiatives.

Transitioning into the role of Head of People and Culture, Megan focused on talent cultivation and organisational development, achieving remarkable results including increased employee engagement and retention rates. Her expertise in designing tailored onboarding programmes and managing workforce dynamics underscores her ability to foster a positive work environment and drive sustainable growth.

With a solid educational background in Human Resources Management and Executive Leadership, complemented by a Bachelor of Laws, Megan possesses a unique blend of skills ranging from change management and stakeholder communication to talent development and risk mitigation. Her track record of implementing innovative training programmes and nurturing talent reflects her commitment to driving continuous improvement and ensuring long-term organisational success.

As she takes on a leadership role within our company, her strategic acumen and people-centric approach are set to make a significant impact on our culture and operations.

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